Restoration Services in Omaha Can Save Your Home

Even though it’s normal for someone to feel that their house is never going to be the same again after being struck by a disaster like a fire or flood, our restoration services in Omaha make it possible for people to once again have the home that they love. While dealing with the aftermath of a disaster is no easy task, the good news for the great people of Omaha is that we’re experts at it. So if you ever find yourself in need of home restoration, Restoration Now! Omaha is the company to call.

Getting Help After a Fire

There are actually three issues that have to be addressed after a residential fire. The first is the damage caused by the fire itself. Due to fire’s ability to rapidly spread, this damage is often quite significant. The second issue is damage caused by smoke. Not only can smoke damage impact surfaces, but it can also make indoor air unsafe to breathe. Finally, it’s often necessary to deal with the damage caused by firefighters’ water. Since putting out a fire generally requires a lot of water, much of it can end up standing inside a home.

Restoration Services in Omaha Following a Flood

Whether it’s a burst pipe during the winter or a heavy rain that causes flooding in the spring, water damage can take many different forms. However, even if flooding is limited to a single room like the basement, the amount of damage it causes can be significant. Fortunately, our restoration services in Omaha can take care of everything that needs to be done. Not only will we get the water out of your home, but we’ll deal with all the associated damage.

Eliminate Mold for Good

When we deal with any kind of indoor flooding, our protocol includes taking several steps to prevent mold from ever growing. While that’s a standard part of our service, the same can’t be said for every service company. So if you’ve previously had water damage that was dealt with by a company other than Restoration Now! Omaha, you may encounter mold growth at some point down the line. Even though mold inside your home can lower the air quality and cause other problems for your family, our restoration services in Omaha can fully eliminate this problem and give your entire family the high level of indoor air quality that you all deserve.

Around the Clock Service When You Need It Most: (402) 502-7277

If you home is ever impacted by a fire, flood or mold, it’s normal to feel that things are very bad. But regardless of how bad the situation may seem, it’s important to remind yourself that there are solutions. In fact, the sooner you call Restoration Now! Omaha, the closer you’ll be to having your home back to the way you want. Since we pride ourselves on offering 24/7 service, don’t hesitate to call us at (402) 502-7277 if you ever find yourself in need of help.