Fire Damage Restoration Addresses Smoke Damage

When someone’s house catches on fire, it doesn’t take long for them to see the damage that the fire itself caused. And while fire damage restoration definitely addresses that type of damage, it’s not the only component of this service. One issue many people aren’t aware of until they actually go through this type of incident is just how much damage smoke can cause.

The Very Real Dangers of Smoke Damage

There are several reasons that the extent of damage caused by smoke is often significantly worse than expected. The first reason is because smoke not only has the ability to cause visible damage, but it can also cause unseen damage in the form of compromised air quality. When a fire of any significance occurs inside a home, the smoke it creates will completely pollute the indoor air. What’s especially challenging about smoke is it can reach into areas that weren’t originally compromised by the fire.

Not only can smoke leave visible damage like soot on the walls, but much of its damage won’t be visible to the eye. However, just because the full extent of smoke damage isn’t visible doesn’t mean it’s harmless. On the contrary, the chemicals and other toxins in smoke can cause serious health problems if inhaled for even a short period of time.

The combination that makes smoke so dangerous to Omaha homeowners is it actually has a mix of gases that act as both an irritant and a narcotic. The irritant elements of smoke can cause problems like skin rashes, while the narcotic components can result in issues like confusion. Fortunately, Restoration Now! Omaha can help you avoid all of those dangers.

Fire Damage Restoration That Deals with the Full Scope of Smoke Damage

Because the damage caused by smoke is both dangerous and stubborn, it’s easy to understand why it’s best to leave this type of restoration to professionals. That being said, you don’t want to settle for working with just any professionals. The reason so many homeowners choose Restoration Now! Omaha when they need help with smoke and fire damage restoration is we’ve built a reputation for always doing the job right the first time.

Whether we’re dealing with smoke, fire or water damage, we ensure that every issue within a home is properly addressed. In the case of smoke damage, that means getting into areas like the vents to identifying lingering traces of smoke and then remove them.

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We understand how stressful it is to go through a house fire. And we also know that your top priority is to make your home a safe place again. Our fire damage restoration services are designed to help you accomplish those goals as quickly as possible. We will do everything necessary to ensure your home is once again safe for family members of all ages. If you want to ensure your home’s care is in trusted hands, you can always reach Restoration Now! Omaha by calling (402) 502-7277.