What Does Water Damage Restoration Involve?

Water damage is an issue that can affect Omaha homes during any time of the year. Common causes of this type of damage include overflowing toilets, plumbing leaks, sewage backups, flooding caused by firefighters extinguishing a fire and intense seasonal storms.

If any of those events happen inside your home, you only have a small window of time to deal with the effects. Not getting the restoration process started during that time can result in significantly more damage from stagnant water destroying your possessions and damaging your home’s structure. Since it’s important to know how to react, we’re going to cover exactly what to do and expect after any type of water damage arises in your home.

Initial Contact After Water Damage Occurs

As mentioned above, the clock starts ticking as soon as you discover water damage in your home. Because there are so many variables involved with this type of problem, it’s important to call Restoration Now! Omaha right away. Even if a burst pipe wakes you up in the middle of the night, you can still count on us to promptly respond.

Inspection and Assessment

Once our highly trained water damage restoration technicians arrive at your Omaha home, they will identify and Restoration Now! the source of water. Next, they’ll identify whether your issue involves white, gray or black water. They will then survey the full extent of the damage, as well as inspect the rest of your home for any previously unidentified water damage. And if furniture is still in harm’s way, we’ll move or block it for you.

Removal and Extraction

Our initial goal is to remove all of the excess water that is standing in your home. By using our industrial equipment to make this process go as quickly as possible, we’re able to reduce the overall drying time, as well as prevent secondary water damage and mold growth.

Dehumidification and Drying

After the excess water has been removed from inside your home, the Restoration Now! Omaha technicians taking care of your problem will begin dehumidifying your home. Although it’s hard to imagine exactly what it feels like until you experience it firsthand, indoor flooding causes a huge spike in humidity. Not only is that an issue that can negatively impact comfort, but if not addressed, it can cause additional damage and create a major problem in the form of encouraging mold growth.

Clean and Sanitize

Even once all the water is removed, many homeowners are unpleasantly surprised by the amount of debris that’s left behind by this type of event. Fortunately, we will take care of anything left in your home during the cleaning and sanitization process. Once we’re done, you can once again feel completely safe about having your entire family back inside the house.

Contact Our Water Damage Restoration Team

If your home or the home of someone you know is impacted by water damage, (402) 502-7277 is the number to call for an immediate response from our team at Restoration Now! Omaha.