Mold Removal During a Flood Basement Cleanup in Omaha

If you’ve ever had a friend or family member who had to deal with a flood basement cleanup in Omaha, they probably told you that it was a stressful experience. While it is quite shocking to discover that your basement is flooding, the one thing that should give you peace of mind is that Restoration Now! Omaha can take care of everything for you.

Because we deal with basement and other interior floods on a daily basis, we know all too well that the damage caused by this type of event isn’t always visible. Mold is a very common side effect of indoor flooding. Since mold thrives in moist environments, a basement that isn’t properly dried after a flood is the perfect site for it to start growing.

Testing for Mold After a Flood Basement Cleanup in Omaha

A common misconception is that a home or office should be 100% free of mold spores. However, since the air in Omaha is full of these spores, any indoor space will have at least some amount of spores. While trace amounts aren’t a problem, mold that’s actively growing inside a home can negatively impact the air quality.

As part of our flood basement cleanup in Omaha process, we will test to ensure there are no signs of active mold. And if you’re concerned about mold in your home for any other reason, we can conduct air and/or surface tests to get answers. Common reasons that Omaha homeowners opt to have their homes tested include noticing a musty smell or discovering signs of growth on a wall.

How Restoration Now! Omaha Handles Mold Removal

Whether it’s because a flood basement cleanup in Omaha wasn’t handled properly or another issue like a hidden leak created a moist environment, we have the experience and resources needed to safely remove any mold that’s detected. The process of removing mold is often referred to as mold remediation. This process begins with identifying exactly why mold is growing. For example, if there’s a leak causing mold growth and it’s not fixed, there’s a very good chance that it will only be a matter of time until mold starts growing again.

Once we’ve taken care of the source of mold growth, we will ensure that all mold that’s currently present is properly removed. Since simply scraping mold off a wall can release spores into the air and actually spread the mold to other areas inside the home, it’s important to let our team of professionals remove mold the right way.

Calling (402) 502-7277 is the Easiest Way to Avoid a Serious Mold Problem

When it comes to mold, knowledge really is power. If you previously had a flood in your home or have any other reason to believe that mold may be growing, Restoration Now! Omaha can give you answers and take any necessary steps to protect your family. Give us a call at (402) 502-7277 to easily schedule an appointment with us for a comprehensive mold inspection.