Omaha Mold Removal in a Flooded Basement

Of all the places where mold can be a problem, basements are one of the most common. Not only do basements often possess multiple traits that are ideal for encouraging mold growth, but in many cases, the aftermath of flooding in this space leads to mold growth. Since fallout from a flooded basement in Omaha can include leftover water and an increased humidity level, it’s important to contact restoration professionals like our team at Restoration Now! Omaha if you experience a flood. Working with a professional team is the only way to ensure that all of the hidden factors that can lead to mold growth are actually removed.

How Serious of An Issue is Mold in a Previously Flooded Basement?

There are several reasons why mold growth is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. The first is how quickly it spreads. Once mold starts growing, it won’t take long before it starts spreading through your basement and potentially the rest of your home. That can result in extensive damage happening very quickly.

The second reason no homeowner wants a mold problem on their hands is because of the cost. Since mold can spread and cause so much damage, the cost of dealing with it at that point can be very high. Finally, certain types of mold can present a significant health hazard. If black mold begins growing in your flooded basement, it can present a toxic danger to your entire family. The speed with which black mold can begin growing reinforces the importance of promptly calling Restoration Now! Omaha to deal with this space the right way.

Handling Water Damage After a Flood

Two of the biggest factors that play a role in preventing mold growth are how quickly water is removed from a flooded basement and how thoroughly the area is dried. When homeowners attempt to manage this process on their own, they commonly make the mistake of thinking that they only need to worry about water they can see. But because water can soak into everything from the walls to furniture, it’s vital for flooding to be addressed with the proper industrial equipment.

The need for complete water removal is where a professional restoration company shines. We begin by promptly extracting all standing water from the basement. Once that water has been removed, we move onto dealing with the elevated humidity in the basement. Since humidity is one of the key elements mold needs to grow, using an industrial dehumidifier to bring the levels down is crucial.

Last but certainly not least, we will evaporate all the water that’s soaked into the various components of your basement. Even though traces of this water aren’t visible, not properly evaporating it is exactly what could cause mold to grow.

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