3 Mold Prevention Tips for Homeowners, Renters or Property Managers

Many of our restoration customers know mold can be a hazardous by-product of an emergency situation like bursting pipes, a flash flood, or water damage from extinguishing a fire. What many homeowners, renters and property managers often forget is that every house or apartment is susceptible to mold growth, even without an emergency situation occurring. Mold prevention is the first step in protecting against mold growth.

The first sign of mold in the home is usually a musty smell. When surrounded by mold for a duration of time (short or long) you can develop headaches, itchy skin or a runny nose. If the mold is severe, you may suffer from symptoms of an allergic reaction. People with asthma, or immune deficiencies are at a greater risk for serious and long-term health complications from mold. When mold is first identified, it is recommended to leave your home and contact a mold remediation specialist, like Restoration Now!. Mold is not something to try and get rid of on your own, as you can actually make the problem worse. With the spores being airborne, you can cause the mold outbreak to spread much quicker, resulting in severe damage to your home structure and furniture.

At Restoration Now!, we are trained to handle all mold outbreaks (big or small) safely with the appropriate protective wear. We strive to help our homeowners, renters and property managers become educated on how to prevent mold where they can. See below for three tips to help you keep mold at bay in your house, apartment or commercial building:

Humidity is Not Your Friend

Moisture of any kind encourages mold growth, especially humidity. Dark, moist areas like basements, attics, crawlspaces, and garages all tend to be humid, and allowing any moisture to settle creates an ideal environment for mold growth in the home or apartment. If you have areas of humidity in your home, at Restoration Now! we recommend setting up a dehumidifier to prevent mold growth. Humidity levels in your home should be at 30 to 60 percent. If there is a mold breakout, feel free to call our mold remediation specialist team. We will come to your home or apartment and discuss the mold removal process with you and utilize a high power dehumidifier if needed.

Moisture is Never Good, Especially Condensation

Watch out for some of the most common growing grounds for mold, like pipes and windows. Be sure to remember that mold also thrives in porous areas of the home like in drywall, carpeting, and upholstery. Several of our customers at Restoration Now! will not realize they have a small leak or patch of mold until it is too late. Try to keep the pipes, windows and seals around your bathtub or toilet dry. This will help prevent mold spores which can lead to a breeding area for bigger problems.

Tip: Make a list of common areas located in your house that have moisture. During your basic house cleaning be sure to dust, dry or clean these areas to help reduce the occurrence of mold.

How Mold Spores Spread So Quickly

Mold spores can be airborne, hide in contained areas (like behind wallpaper and under the carpet) and can grow into a much bigger dilemma fast. Mold in the home can even grow and spread from the ventilation system, multiplying the problem and its consequences. Eventually, it may spread up the wall, onto your furniture and embed into your clothing. At Restoration Now!, we strive to help restore your home and household items back to normal. If you discover a mold situation, don’t hesitate to contact us at your first convenience.

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Do you have a mold problem? Restoration Now! in Omaha will communicate with you up front to let you know the cause of the moisture and the process which we will perform to remove the mold. Our mold removal specialists can often clean or repair damage caused by the mold outbreak, even on furniture and household items. After the work is complete, we will help you get into contact with additional resources if needed.