Water Lurking Under Your Floor? Call Omaha Mold Damage Specialists!

Mold and mildew can be pervasive problems in your home, and the worst thing of all is that you may go for years without noticing! It’s not that you’re not observant, it’s just that mold usually grows in areas you don’t look at every day, and even when you do notice something off it’s often difficult to identify mold as the culprit. Think of this, though—under the surfaces that you and your family walk on everyday mold may be growing, waiting to cause health problems and structural damage that can end up being very expensive to fix if left for a long time.

Rather than living by the old saying “ignorance is bliss” and not looking into potential problems like mold in your home, wouldn’t you rather know for sure if there’s a problem? That’s where our Omaha water damage and mold damage restoration specialists at Restoration Now! Omaha come in. If you suspect a mold or other water damage problem in your home, call us to check it out. We have the tools to diagnose mold damage problems and can offer solutions for restoring the damage quickly to get your home back to normal!

Early Detection is Key for Mold Damage Prevention

Mold growth can occur in almost any area of your home where moisture tends to collect, so it makes sense to first look to your kitchen and bathrooms as potential hiding places for mold. Linoleum floors are especially susceptible to mold growth because they can easily trap moisture if any water happens to get underneath them. Since linoleum is composed simply of limestone dust, pigment, and linseed oil on a jute backing, mold can easily grow through the tile itself to the surface. In these rooms, look for places where water could find its way underneath the linoleum (this includes around the toilet and shower, as well as under the sink or around the dishwasher). If you notice any bubbling or discoloration of the tile, these could be signs of water damage and mold growth. At this point it’s in your best interest to call our team of professional Omaha mold damage restorationists to investigate further.

Further Means of Testing for Mold

Early on in the process, our Omaha mold damage restoration technicians perform a visual inspection of the area underneath the linoleum tile. This usually involves taking a small sample from a problem area and inspecting for signs of water damage or mold. If we suspect mold at this point, the next step is performing a surface test. By swabbing the problem area and testing the sample we can confirm if mold growth has taken hold underneath your linoleum and suggest restoration options from there.

Testing for Mold with an Air Testing Kit

If there are signs of water damage but we aren’t able to remove a linoleum sample from your floor, we can also test for mold with an air testing kit. This is done by taking measurements near an air vent in the problem area and testing for mold spores in the air. These tests are very sensitive and will give an accurate reading of whether mold is detected in the area.

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Water damage can often be the starting point for mold growth in the kitchen or bathroom. When it comes to mold, out of sight is rarely out of mind, especially if undetected mold under your linoleum begins causing health problems in your family or structural damage that leads to very expensive repairs down the road. If you suspect that you might have a mold growth problem under your linoleum caused by water damage, call Restoration Now! Omaha today at (402) 502-7277 or fill out our online contact form. Our Omaha water damage and mold damage restoration technicians have the tools and experience to recognize mold issues and restore the damage before it becomes a big problem.

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