Choosing a Restoration Company for your Mold Cleanup Needs

How do you choose a mold restoration company? The Restoration Now! in Omaha are here to tell you! As a full-service certified restoration team, one of our specialties is mold removal. We know everything there is to know about it and this is a very good talent to have if you have a mold problem.

How Mold Can Affect You

Mold is a very dangerous health hazard and there are many different kinds out there; children, the elderly, and pets can be the most susceptible to the effects spores have as they float through the air without you knowing. When left untreated, mold can also cause asthma and allergies to act up, so it is important to get it taken care of quickly. As mentioned in our previous article, if left for too long mold can damage your house structure–Restoration Now! Omaha can help. As mold removal specialists, we recommend not trying to clean the mold yourself because many steps have to be taken before the mold-infested area is really clean. Below are the steps we take to clean the mold.

  • The water must be evaporated from the damaged areas
  • The air must be cleaned with a dehumidifier as spores can live on in the air
  • Then the areas of mold must be cleaned up and disinfected
  • We will save any belongings we can that have mold on them
  • If the area is not cleaned properly the first time, the problem can become much worse

Appearance of Mold

Can you believe that 50% of homes are at risk for mold growth! This is not good. Now, not all mold is bad but when it is growing inside your home, it isn’t good either. It means some kind of moisture that shouldn’t be there is causing the mold to grow.

Signs you should watch for when looking for mold is:

  • Look for any standing water
  • Molds can look furry or cotton-like
  • Molds are usually gray, white, or green in color
  • You may be able to smell mold, although it does not always have a smell

If you find any of these warning signs, call our mold removal specialists at The Restoration Now! and we will get your home back to being mold-free again! If you call us, we will inspect your house for mold that may have been missed and give you a detailed list of what we have found.

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The Restoration Now! is a certified restoration company and we are proud to service Omaha and surrounding cities. If you know you have mold or you would like an inspection for mold, contact us today either by our contact form on our website or by calling (402) 502-7277. We are available 24/7 for emergencies that arise in your home and we’d be happy to help in what could be a stressful time.