Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Emergency Restoration

Our emergency restoration team at Restoration Now! in Omaha compiled a list of frequently asked questions that our customers in Omaha and surrounding areas typically ask us in the moment of an emergency. We strive to provide as much communication and resources to you as possible during these stressful times. Our mission statement is to be that one-Restoration Now! resource for all fire, smoke, water and mold emergencies while providing you additional guidance on insurance claims and restoration services for your personal belongings.

Our Restoration Now! Omaha team is a certified restoration crew that serves Omaha and the all surrounding cities. See below for the top questions we are asked during a fire, smoke, water or mold restoration situation.

Q: What does IICRC mean?

A: IICRC stands for The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. All of our fire, smoke, water and mold restoration professionals have one of these certificates; it gives you a feel of trust because you know that we know what we’re doing.

The IICRC is a non- profit organization that has set the restoration standards for over 30 years. To be certified, Restoration Now! Omaha must provide proof of insurance and follow up with documented written complaints filed with our company. We attend regular ongoing training and education and also follow the code of ethics upheld by the IICRC.

Q: Does Restoration Now! Omaha provide service to my area?

A: Restoration Now! Omaha proudly serves Omaha and surrounding cities, such as Bellevue, La Vista, Papillion, and Ralston. We can also travel per request to other areas in the state of Nebraska.

Q: Do I have to file a claim with my insurance after an emergency disaster?

A: The simple answer is “No.” In some cases it might make sense to hold off on filing a claim until you are able to think clearly. While filing a claim is not always the best avenue, we can work either with you or your insurance company to help you determine the best option moving forward. At Restoration Now!, we work with insurance companies daily and understand those sticky policy situations to help you get the claim value you need.

Q: Do I have to choose the restoration company my insurance recommends?

A: No. Insurance companies do have a list of recommended restoration companies, and in most cases they are national, big corporations. Some are qualified to do the job and others will be more focused on the bill rate and hire outside contractors to perform the work. The great news is that you can select your own restoration company of choice.

Q: My house is flooded, does my insurance cover this?

A: Your insurance policy should cover the specifics of what kind of damage is covered and what isn’t in an emergency. At Restoration Now! we recommend you checking your policy in-depth as flooding usually isn’t included in basic home or renters insurance. Unfortunately many homeowners and renters in Nebraska will not realize that their emergency is not covered for certain emergencies until it is too late.

Q: My house is flooded, what do I do?

A: First, we recommend you to call us as we are water restoration professionals. We would come onsite and assess the best next steps. In typical cases we are able to remove the water and completely dry the flooded area on the first visit. This is ideal as time is of the essence with water emergencies. If the water is left for too long mold can begin to grow, and as a homeowner that’s the last thing you want. At Restoration Now! Omaha we work fast to assess the damage and remove the water, damage and mold for you. Remember, with our team you have less stress!

Q: Can you refer me to a plumber after the flooding damage is repaired?

A: Yes we can–us! At Restoration Now! Omaha we have the talent to provide repairs for all plumbing needs, as well as painting and drywall. We are an all-in-one package restoration company. You don’t have to worry about having multiple contacts and companies responsible for the projects. The first person you are in contact with will walk you through the entire process and help you get your home back to its original condition.

Q: How dangerous is mold? Do I need to take care of it right away?

A: Yes! As mentioned in our previous blog article, mold is very dangerous; it can cause health problems, including asthma and allergies. If inhaled, there is a possibility that mold can begin to grow on your lungs because of the moisture there. Please be safe, and if you suspect you have mold in your home call us today!

Q: My house was damaged by a fire, will I always experience a smoky odor?

A: No, at Restoration Now! Omaha we have a process of removing and cleaning all of your salvageable belongings and restoring walls, doors, windows, roofs, and anything else that must be replaced. Our fire restoration team also include an odor removing process that allows your home to make a trip back in time to before the fire ever happened.

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The Restoration Now! thank you for your business and we hope this list covers all of your restoration questions. However, if we missed one, please contact us today at (402) 502-7277 or fill out our contact form on the website and we will get back to you promptly. We would be happy to help you understand our process better.