Professional Water Damage Inspection By Restoration Now! Omaha

With water damage in Omaha, there’s no such thing as acting too quickly. The sooner action is taken, the better the outcome of the process of cleaning, drying and restoring. While fast action is essential, there’s an important caveat to this rule. That caveat is the need for the right approach to cleaning, drying and restoration to be followed.

The key to ensuring that the right approach is taken comes from fully understanding the exact nature and extent of water damage. The importance of that understanding is why Restoration Now! Omaha makes fully inspecting a home or office with water damage our first priority.

As we’ll explain throughout the rest of this post, our method of water damage inspection allows us to correctly assess its category and class. Once we have that information, we can take the optimal approach to extracting excess water, drying the structure that’s affected and then restoring the damage.

The 3 Categories of Water Damage

Clean Water Damage is the first of the three categories. While this type of water damage can still cause extensive structural damage, it does not present a threat to animals or humans if they consume or come into contact with the water. Falling rainwater and uncontaminated sink overflows are both examples of Category 1 water damage.

Grey Water Damage is the second potential category. This type of damage involves water that won’t cause a serious illness, but is contaminated and may cause some level of sickness. Sump pump failures and discharge from washing machines are events that often fall into this category.

The most serious of the three categories is Black Water Damage. This category refers to highly contaminated water that has the potential to cause serious sickness or even death. In addition to initial floods from a source like a sewage overflow, categories one and two can both progress in their severity if left unaddressed. That’s yet another reason why it’s so important to contact Restoration Now! Omaha for professional help as soon as possible.

The 4 Classes of Water Damage

While water damage categories are used to refer to the potential toxicness of water, classes are used to assess the amount of water that remains once a physical extraction is completed. The first three classes are Slow Rate, Fast Rate and Fastest Rate of Evaporation. The fourth class is Specialty Drying Situations. Although each of the four classes has its own unique set of requirements, the good news for Omaha homeowners is that we have the necessary equipment to deal with even the most challenging of drying requirements.

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If a burst pipe or any other event causes a flood in your home or office, Restoration Now! Omaha is ready to help. No matter what time of day it is, we will take care of the initial inspection and all subsequent extraction, drying and restoration. All you need to worry about is calling us at (402) 502-7277.