Why It’s Important to Take Action with Water Damage Under Your Home

Water damage in some cases is not very obvious until it’s too late. When a pipe leaks, you can literally see the water, but what happens when the water is under your home? Standing water or extremely damp or wet soil in your home’s crawlspace can come from a variety of sources and can seriously affect the structural integrity of your home. Basically, the humidity caused by water evaporation is a dangerous issue when it becomes excessive. In some situations, excessive water damage can lead to buckling and warping of the sub flooring. When left untreated, it can cause the growth of mold on the bottom of your foundation, leading to costly home repairs that may or may not be covered by insurance.

Beyond the structural damage, standing water under your home can cause a myriad of health issues such as a chronic cough, headaches or migraines, difficulty breathing, fatigue, and severe sinus problems.

At Restoration Now! in Omaha, we use our years of experience in property water restoration to help you through these types of issues. We strive to communicate the process of what we do and what you should expect to help reduce the stress during a restoration call. Below, our team presents a few ways which water damage can occur.

What are possible causes of excessive water under your home?

  • You may be located in an area with a naturally high groundwater table.
  • A freshwater supply line may have developed a leak.
  • Your sewage drain line may be leaking.
  • If you over-water plants adjacent to your dwelling, this may be create a man-made high water table.
  • Nearness to a river or stream can pose flood risks.
  • The gutter downspouts on your home may be incorrectly directed.
  • A swimming pool near the home may have developed a leak. This frequently happens with fittings on pumps not being properly sealed.
  • Your sprinkler system may spray through the crawlspace vents.

Can you fix these issues?

Fixing some of these problems can be as simple as correcting the direction of your gutter downspouts. In some cases, you may be able to repair a leaky faucet on your own. However, for major plumbing issues such as a busted or leaky pipe, it’s best to call a professional. If the buildup of water under your home is excessive, we recommend calling the Restoration Now! to de-flood your crawlspace or clean up any sewage. When sewer drain lines leak into your crawl space, this can result in significant quantities of raw sewage in the soil under your home, which often creates an awful odor. If not treated and rectified correctly, this can turn the situation worse before better. When it is not handled correctly, it can affect the quality of the air you and your family breathe, causing potential health problems.

High water tables or over-watering issues

These types of issues may need to be addressed by a water proofing vendor or landscape engineer. Sump pumps are often utilized to combat water that pools in crawlspaces. Dehumidifiers are also an option as they can be adjusted to maintain the humidity in your crawlspace to a level that restricts the growth of mold.

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