What Omaha Water Damage from Flooding Does to Your Home

We’ve all heard the warnings and the advice. You should invest in flood insurance and if at all possible make sure your yard slopes away from your home. We hear vaguely about the dire consequences of finding ourselves in a situation of a home flooding all the time, but do you really know what happens to your property when a flood and water damage situation arises? To give you a clear idea of what’s at stake with a flooded basement, our Omaha water damage restoration specialists here at Restoration Now! Omaha want to describe to you exactly what happens to your home and property during and after a flood, and explain why hiring a professional Omaha water damage restoration company right away after the flood is a good idea.

If You Live Near Water, Prepare for a Flooded Basement

If you live near a river like the Missouri here in Omaha, you need to be aware that many flooding problems can arise with little or no notice. You could leave your home perfectly fine in the morning and come home from work to find the waters risen and your home completely flooded!

Once the water’s receded and you’re left with a huge mess, it’s very important not to stand around wondering what to do. It’s a totally natural reaction, especially if you’ve never dealt with a flood situation like this before, but every minute counts during water damage restoration and that’s why it’s best to call in a local professional company like Restoration Now! Omaha to take care of the cleanup process.

Dealing with the Aftermath

If you wait to start the cleanup process after a flood you’ll soon come to understand why we say that time is of the essence, as mold can begin to form on wet or damp surfaces very soon after a flood. Our water damage and Omaha mold restoration specialists believe it’s important for you to understand the severe dangers of Mold. While many homeowners believe it’s not that big of a deal, mold is a very nasty substance that can cause a whole host of problems, anything from triggering allergic reactions to illness to affecting the structural integrity of your home. Once mold has set in to any porous surface or possession (wood, drywall, carpet, clothing, books, stuffed animals, etc.), chances are that the item will have to be discarded. Since river water is considered “gray water” (meaning that it contains bacteria and other potentially harmful substances that hasten mold growth), it’s even more important during this kind of flooded basement situation to start the cleanup process as soon as possible.

Flooding Can Also Cause Structural Damage

If there’s a lot of flood water moving through or stagnating in your yard, this can also cause damage to your foundation. Sudden soil erosion can cause your foundation to shift, and this stress often leads to cracks in the foundation that can travel up the exterior walls.

Once your home’s structure is compromised, many other problems can arise. Your home’s electrical systems rely on a strong structure to support them, and if that structure weakens then wiring problems and even house fires can result.

Not to worry, though—if you find yourself with a flooded yard and the beginnings of some serious structural damage, our team of water damage restoration specialists at Restoration Now! Omaha can help. We can troubleshoot any Omaha water damage situation and give you advice on how to Restoration Now! the damage from spreading.

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Your home is one of your most valuable investments, and damage from a flooded basement can quickly cause your home’s value to plummet, whether from mold problems or structural damage. To protect your home after a flood, it’s very important to begin the water damage restoration process immediately, which is why Restoration Now! Omaha offers 24/7 emergency services! Give us a call today at (402) 502-7277 or fill out the contact form on our website and our team of professionals will quickly get your home back to normal.

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