Going on Vacation? Minimize Your Water Damage Risk

Before you load up the old station wagon and get out of Omaha for your summer vacation, you might want to think about ways to reduce your risk of water damage problems while you’re away. Unfortunately it’s a common situation—our water damage restoration team at Restoration Now! Omaha gets a call from someone who’s come back home from vacation, only to find a flooded basement waiting for them! Oftentimes the home has been flooded for days if not weeks and by then the damage is very difficult to restore. Simply by taking a few common-sense precautions, though, you can minimize the risk that this would happen to you, and our water damage restoration team is here to tell you how!

Step 1 – Have a Family Friend Check for Water Damage

If you have a family friend or neighbor you trust who’s staying home while you’re away, call in a favor and ask if they’d be willing to check up on your home while you’re gone. This is a common thing for those of us who have pets or plants that need care, so if you happen to fall into this category, ask them if they could also check for signs of water damage while they’re there.

It’s crucial to catch flooded basement problems before they get out of hand, so having someone to check up on your property and call our Restoration Now! Omaha team of water damage restoration specialists if need be is a great idea.

Step 2 – Check Your Pipes for Water Damage Before You Leave

Taking the time to do a visual inspection of your home’s pipes can really help catch problems before they turn into full-blown water damage issues. For a thorough check, you’ll want to look at pipes under sinks, around your water heater, or any other places you can think of where water could potentially cause a problem. Look for any rust, cracks, or water dripping that could indicate an imminent threat and have the area looked at by our water damage restoration team at Restoration Now! Omaha before you leave.

Step 3 – Shut Off Water to Common Water-Using Appliances

Washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators are notorious for hose failures that can lead to a flooded basement, so you’d be wise to shut off the water to these common appliances before you head out on vacation. Eliminating these sources of water damage before you leave will ensure that you can focus on your vacation, without having to worry about what could happen while you’re away!

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As a leading Omaha water damage restoration company, we here at Restoration Now! Omaha want you to have peace of mind that your home and property are safe when you go on vacation, and we hope that these tips help you catch potential water damage situations before they get out of hand. If you do happen to come home to a flooded basement, give our team at Restoration Now! Omaha a call today at (402) 502-7277—we offer 24/7 emergency services to get your home back to normal quickly!

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