Water Damage Facts that are Happening in your Bathroom

You may be thinking, “I keep my bathroom clean, therefore there cannot be any water damage.” Our water damage experts at the Restoration Now! are here to respectfully tell you that you could be wrong. The bathroom is the number one place for water damage in the home and the first place that should be checked. Read on to learn some bathroom water damage facts that you may not have known or even thought of!

Shower/Tub Problems

  • At Restoration Now! Omaha we know that an area of your home that can cause the most headaches will be your shower or tub. A main cause of unknown clogs in the tub or shower is a combination of soap, shampoos, and hair that causes the drain to become blocked. These clogs can prevent the surface of the tub from drying fully leaving the possibility of damage in floors and walls. When left unaddressed this can lead to bigger problems underneath the shower. Who wants that?
  • Does your bathroom floor feel soft underneath your foot? At Restoration Now! our water experts find these cases mostly in older homes. If the floor does not feel solid it could mean water damage has already started forming underneath your tiles or linoleum. For example, if your tub overflows and you use towels to dry it up, the water can still seep into the structure causing a squishy feel in your flooring.

Toilet Problems

  • The toilet is a main cause of water damage. Check for leaks regularly and check seals. If you put deodorizers in your toilet, it is more likely to develop a clog in the future. There are still other ways to keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh that will not cause disastrous consequences.

Cabinets/ Under the Sink Problems

  • When you experience a water leak in your bathroom, you might want to look deeper than just what your eyes can see. A water leak can leak into nooks and crannies, in addition, to cabinets and storage. Homeowners forget to check the cabinets and under the sink for water damage. Our Restoration Now! Omaha water restoration professionals want to assure you that water damage can and will occur under your sink, so be sure to check there. Also, watch for a cracked or loose seal, or a slow draining pipe.

Humidity Problems

  • If you have more that 55% humidity in your bathroom, then mold has probably started to grow. Mold can be very dangerous to you and your family. This is a very important factor to your home and safety. Please call Restoration Now! Omaha today for any problems.
  • If you do not already have a working exhaust fan in your bathroom, you should get one. An exhaust fan helps to keep the humidity at bay, especially during or after a warm shower. Also, be sure to inspect the fan itself to check if it is working properly.
  • Bubbles can form along caulked lines and areas, and a discolored floor can indicate a water leak happening someplace. Even a small leak can lead to huge problems. Please do not put off these potential threats in your bathroom.
  • Are you aware that bacteria and viruses grow more rapidly in temperatures between 40 and 100 degrees? These are the typical temperatures of a bathroom making the growth outrageous.

Call Restoration Now! Omaha Today!

As mentioned above, your bathroom will lead to the most water damage causes, and as water damage restoration specialists we realize this can be an unexpected pain. If you think you may have a leak or another kind of water damage situation in your bathroom, do not hesitate to contact the Restoration Now! at 402-502-7277. We are experts at identifying and restoring problems in your home and bathrooms. Do not wait until the damage is too much. Call us today! We will be waiting for your call.