Restoration Now! Omaha Discusses Where to Find the Shut- Off Valves in your Home

Did a pipe just burst in your home and now it’s spewing water all over the house? The water damage restoration experts at The Restoration Now! in Omaha have the solution for you. You will need to locate the water shut-off valve for that room and turn it off to keep the damage from spreading. If you aren’t sure where that valve is, don’t worry, keep reading to learn where all the valves are located for each room of your house. Knowing where they are will save you time and money if a leak ever occurs again.

Tips from Restoration Now! Omaha for After You’ve Found the Valves

Our team of water damage restoration professionals realize that emergencies can hit when they’re least expected. We recommend getting prepared now versus waiting to take action until the emergency strikes unexpectedly. Below we have provided three tips to help you prepare for the worst so you can maximize your efforts when an emergency happens.

Label Your Valves and Prepare Instructions

Our water restoration team at The Restoration Now! recommend labeling the valves with bright string or tags, so there is no mistake when it comes to looking for the shut-off valve. When an emergency strikes it can cause confusion or a lack of concentration. It is recommended to write a small note of instruction and place it on or near your color tags to help you know how to shut off the water.

Inspect the Area Today to Help Eliminate Tomorrow’s Problems

While we realize there are some emergencies that cannot be helped or scheduled, our team at Restoration Now! Omaha knows that when it comes to maintaining your home there are a few steps you can take to prepare or reduce the damage. After you’ve labeled the valves, be sure to check for any cracks or damage that can cause problems later on. This could save you a lot of money in the long run if a problem is found. If you’re not sure what to look for, call a local home inspector today.

Communicate and Teach the Family

Make sure each family member knows where the valves are located and the proper instructions of what to do when an emergency strikes. At Restoration Now! we realize a pipe could burst at any time and if you aren’t home, the other family members had better know how to turn the water off as well. Remember, being prepared can save you time, money and keep your family safe.

Below, our water restoration team has prepared a list of where the valves are located according to each room. Feel free to print this guide for reference:

  • Bathroom– Restoration Now! Omaha wants you to know the water cutoffs to your sinks are usually similar. The water lines are under the sink basin either on one side of the wall or the other. If not, sometimes they can be found in the ceiling. The shower and tub cutoffs can be located under the sink or in the basement ceiling just under the tub. The good news is the toilet valve is easy to find–it’s located just under the toilet bowl.
  • Kitchen– Your kitchen sink cutoff is just underneath the sink; you will see a knob that cuts off the water to that sink (remember the rule: righty tighty, lefty loosey). The dishwasher cutoff is a bit different–it might be in the basement under the dishwasher’s main floor location, or look for another pipe leading away from the dishwasher to find the cutoff.
  • Water heater– This valve is located just above the water heater that shuts off the hot water going throughout the house. However, if it is leaking it will be better to shut off the water to the whole house.
  • Laundry room– The shut-off valve for your washer is either behind or above it. Check to make sure it is tight.
  • Outside hose- Your outside hose will most likely have a shut-off in the supply line, follow it into the basement.
  • All the water– It’s important to know how to shut off all the water in your house. It is usually located on the basement wall closest to the street. The water meter will be outside near it and the valve itself will be a lever.

Note: If you don’t have a basement, the valves will be in the crawlspace under the house.

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The fire, water, and mold restoration specialists at The Restoration Now! (Restoration Now! Omaha) know that water damage can be very stressful and DIY repairs may be more than you bargained for. If after you have located these shut-off valves you decide you need our team to come in and restore the water damage, contact us at (402) 502-7277. We will go in and make it look like new!