Emergency Disaster Cleanup Services

Restoration Now! in Omaha is a full service restoration company for water, fire, and mold damage in your home. We also perform the cleanup process after a loved one has passed away–this restoration service is not offered by many companies but it is an area of expertise for Restoration Now! Omaha. We perform all of these emergency disaster cleanups quickly and efficiently.

Fire Restoration

Fire and/ or smoke damage can be an upsetting consequence to come home to for a home owner. The cleanup could take weeks to do by yourself to make the place inhabitable again, but we at Restoration Now! in Omaha can have you back into your home within days! We will remove debris and save as many belongings as possible. For example, we will restore roofs, windows, and doors. We will also work with your insurance company so there is less stress for you during this unfortunate process. As fire restoration professionals, we will even help you restore personal belongings and furniture, as well as the structure of your home.

Mold Damage

Mold is always a stinky subject to address, however it is one of the most hazardous situations for your health. Mold is caused by standing water and moisture going unnoticed for a certain amount of time until mold begins to grow. Mold can begin to grow after a flood, fire or any place moisture is, and become very dangerous. As a mold removal company, we believe removing mold is essential because it can cause health problems for you and your family, especially if the spores become airborne. As mold removal specialists, we will remove the moisture and get rid of existing mold from all parts of your home.

Water Restoration

Water damage can cause more damage the longer you let it sit, whether you’ve had flood or water back up in the bathroom, it needs to be cleaned up promptly. As previously mentioned in our article there are three categories of water damage:

  • Clear water- this water is safe and drinkable water.
  • Gray water- water turns gray once it begins the contamination process after about 48-72 hours, however if your belongings have been in contact with the gray water they ARE still savable.
  • Black water- this is the worst kind of water damage there can be. It smells horrible and materials that have come into contact with it are completely contaminated beyond the scope of saving.

At Restoration Now! Omaha, we can handle each of these water damages with ease. We will remove the excess water from your home and furniture and dehumidify the air.

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Trauma scene cleanup is one of the most unfortunate parts of the restoration business. At Restoration Now! in Omaha, we offer our condolences and can move quickly on a trauma scene cleanup to be able to have you back into your home within a few hours. We want to help you out during this hard time and do what we can to relieve even a little of the stress you’re undoubtedly feeling.

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Restoration Now!’ restorers in Omaha are here for you when any catastrophe arises. We want to be your first call and we will handle your stressful situation from there. Contact us today for any mold, water, fire, or trauma scene cleanup needs at (402) 502-7277.