Why You Need Water Damage Restoration for Sewage

Indoor flooding is never a pleasant experience. Even if flooding only lasts for a few minutes, it still has the potential to cause extensive water damage throughout any Omaha home. While regular indoor flooding is bad enough, what can make this situation even worse is if raw sewage is involved. Because sewage contains all kinds of harmful bacteria that can cause diseases, having it exposed in any part of your home presents an immediate health risk to your family. If there’s ever a flood in your home involving any amount of sewage, you need to get your family out of the house and call our team at Restoration Now! Omaha right away for professional water damage restoration.

We Eliminate the Dangers Presented By Sewage Water Damage

What’s scary about having sewage come out in your bathroom, basement or any other room in your home is that it literally turns this space into a dangerous cesspool. Because sewage contains so many harmful things, it’s vital to get professionals involved from the start. Thanks to the extensive training and experience of every member of our team, as well as our specialized equipment and protective gear, we can take care of eliminating this problem from your home.

As you probably guessed, cleaning up this type of water damage is nothing like a normal house cleaning. Instead, it starts with properly removing all of the waste that is on the floor or anywhere else in the flooded area. Once all of the raw waste is removed and we have had an opportunity to dry this area in your Omaha home, we will carefully evaluate its current state.

After taking note of any special issues or problems in the space, we will begin the process of completely disinfecting the area. Not only will we disinfect the spots that were directly impacted by the sewage, but we will take care of all the surrounding areas as well. Because there are so many different hazardous compounds present in waste, we have very strong disinfecting equipment and solutions that can fully eliminate every trace of sewage from non-porous surfaces in your home.

Any porous object in your home that’s come into contact with sewage, however, will need to be discarded. This includes things like drywall, upholstery, unfinished wood, stuffed animals, or any other objects with soft or fabric surfaces. There is simply no way to clean these materials well enough to justify the risk to your family’s health that comes with keeping them.

In addition to eliminating the invisible dangers left behind by sewage, we will also take care of purifying the air. Since waste can leave behind a nauseating smell and compromise indoor air quality, our proven process includes full air purification. Thanks to the fact that we can eliminate every potential threat created by sewage and raw waste, you will be able to have complete peace of mind when you bring your family back into your home after our work is done.

Protect Your Family From Sewage Flooding Call Restoration Now! Omaha At (402) 502-7277

If you have a flood involving sewage in your home, call our water damage restoration team at Restoration Now! in Omaha at (402) 502-7277. Relying on our experience is the best way to protect your family from all the dangers presented by sewage flooding.