What You Should Know About Sewage Flooding

Our water damage restoration team at Restoration Now! Omaha know that dealing with water damage can be a messy ordeal in and of itself, but when sewage backup is involved, it becomes both a mess and a hazard to your health. The cleanup process itself when handling sewage becomes much more difficult and time-sensitive—if you aren’t quick to take control of a sewage flooding problem, your home’s value and your quality of life can be greatly impacted leading to a water restoration team not being able to come to the rescue.

At Restoration Now! we want you to know that in this messiest of times for you and your family, we’re here to help get you back to normal! In this post we cover some of the things you need to know about dealing with sewage clean-up, and why you should leave this necessary restoration process to the water damage mitigation professionals at Restoration Now! Omaha.

Sewage Cleanup is Time-Sensitive

When your home is flooded with water, the clean-up process is fairly straightforward—it’s just a matter of drying everything out quickly before mold has a chance to start forming. With sewage, on the other hand, the problem is compounded by the various bacteria, parasites, fungi, and other hazardous material that are already there. Allowing sewage to remain in your home for any length of time is bad news, as it can lead to many health issues that can be very severe. At Restoration Now! we recommend giving us a call at (402) 502- 9278 as quick as possible. Our water restoration team has experience in how to approach and rid the water, reducing health risks to you and your family.

So How Do We Start with Sewage Clean-up?

First thing’s first in terms of safety—you’ll have to contact your utility companies to shut off all gas and electricity to the affected areas. This is really important, especially in basement areas where many power outlets and electrical boxes are commonly found. Make sure that anyone involved in the cleanup process is wearing the proper protective gear when in, around, or wading through the damaged area. Proper gear includes long-sleeved shirts and long pants, waterproof boots, heavy duty gloves, and a face shield. It’s of the utmost importance to avoid having sewage contact any area of your skin, eyes, or mouth. If sewage contacts any open cut or sore, or gets in your eyes or mouth, it can lead to a very nasty infection.

Can We Save Our Possessions?

Technically yes, there are some cleaners and processes designed for heavy-duty cleaning that may be able to save some items, but if your possessions have come into contact with and have been damaged by sewage, it’s much safer to consider those items contaminated and let the professionals handle those items for you. Our water damage restoration team at Restoration Now! Omaha recommend contacting us at first signs of stress. We can help you restore family mementos, and non-porous items.

How to Deal with Sewage Clean-up

At Restoration Now! (Restoration Now! Omaha) we ensure that every single surface that has come into contact with sewage will be properly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized, and often times we complete these steps more than once. Our water extraction and restoration team highly recommend that any carpeting exposed needs to be taken up and discarded, and the floor beneath washed, disinfected, and sanitized (notice a pattern developing?) before any new carpet is laid.

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When your home is flooded with sewage back-up, it may seem like the end of the world, but our team of water damage mitigation specialists at Restoration Now! Omaha wants you to know that you can count on us to restore your home quickly and thoroughly! We offer 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services, so contact us today at (402) 502-7277 and let us get started getting your home back to normal!