Hardwood Floor Restoration Services in Omaha

When a burst pipe or heavy storm causes interior flooding, many homeowners assume that almost all of what gets wet will be ruined. While we completely understand that assumption, the good news is we can help with things like hardwood floor restoration services in Omaha. Thanks to our experience handling even the most challenging of restorations, we’re able to make many things look like new again.

If your Omaha home has hardwood floors in it, keep reading to learn why proper drying after a flood is so important, as well as what Restoration Now! Omaha can do to deal with floors that have already been damaged.

Understanding the Impact of Moisture on Wood Flooring

After flooding occurs, much of the water inside a home may not be visible when simply looking around a room. One of the reasons that professional extraction and restoration services after a flood by Restoration Now! Omaha are so important is it’s the only way to ensure that all water is either removed or completely dried.

When water isn’t fully removed in a timely manner, the likelihood of mold growth becomes quite high. Excess water can also be absorbed by hardwood floors and lead to problems like warping or cupping. Under normal circumstances, hardwood floors will have a moisture level of six to twelve percent. After a flood, that level can quickly spike as high as forty percent. And if the elevated level isn’t addressed correctly, it’s likely to remain above sixteen percent. Depending on the type of flooring, the damage may progress all the way to full wood rot.

The Most Common Types of Hardwood Floors

There are four main types of hardwood floors. They include strip, plank, engineered and laminate wood flooring. If you’ve gone through the process of choosing new flooring for your home, you know there are pros and cons to each type. The same is true for how they respond to moisture. For example, harder woods react more slowly to moisture than softer ones. Another factor that can impact the restoration process is whether or not flooring was finished on-site.

Restoration Services in Omaha for Different Kinds of Wood Floors

When Restoration Now! Omaha responds to a service call, we go through several stages. We’ll inspect the damage and begin extracting excess water. From there, we can move on to advanced drying methods like using fans. Utilizing this type of equipment will ensure that flooring and other surfaces are fully dried. From there, our restoration services in Omaha include getting wood flooring back to its original state. Since sanding a floor that’s still wet can cause significant damage, we highly discourage anyone from attempting this type of work on their own.

Call (402) 502-7277 for Proven Help with Damaged Hardwood Floors

The best case scenario is to call Restoration Now! Omaha immediately following a flood inside your home. But even if time has passed since your home flooded, we can use our equipment and experience to help with your drying needs. Call us today at (402) 502-7277 for prompt and proven restoration services in Omaha.