Handling Water Damage After a Fire in Omaha

Each year, over 350,000 homes across the United States are impacted by fire. Although many steps have been taken to help protect homes and the families inside them against the dangers of fire, this problem is still very prevalent.

If any part of your home catches on fire, you know to call 911 right away. However, if you haven’t ever experienced a fire, you may not know what to expect after that point. Once firefighters arrive, their first priority is making sure no one is inside of the house. After they’ve confirmed that everyone is safe, their next priority is containing the fire and extinguishing it as soon as possible and by any means necessary.

Because fighting a fire of any size is a very dangerous experience, firefighters have many different types of equipment that can help them get this situation under control. What many homeowners don’t realize is that in addition to the fire itself, some of the equipment firefighters have to use to put out fires may cause damage as well. Although it may not be ideal for a home to sustain even more damage, it’s easy to understand why it’s a small price to pay for ensuring that a fire doesn’t completely destroy a home or even kill someone inside it.

Cleaning Up and Dealing with Water Damage

Of all the types of damage that may occur after a fire in Omaha, water damage is the most common. The reason it’s so common is firefighters have to use a ton of water to get a fire to Restoration Now! burning. And since that water doesn’t have anywhere to go, it ends up in everything from the walls to furniture to flooring.

After a fire has been put out and you’re told that it’s safe to walk back inside, you may be shocked by the amount of water damage you see in your Omaha home. However, don’t let what you see send you into a state of panic. Regardless of how bad it may seem, Restoration Now! Omaha can help. Since it’s actually possible to cause more damage by attempting to clean, you should skip that impulse and instead call our team at Restoration Now! Omaha.

Because we specialize in dealing with water damage after events like fires, we can ensure that your home is properly restored. We’ll start by extracting all of the standing water in your home. From there, we’ll be able to begin drying areas like the floors and walls, as well as dehumidifying your entire home.

Once we’re done, not only will you feel comfortable going back into your home, but you’ll also have peace of mind in terms of knowing that preventative action has been taken against possible complications like mold growth.

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Although you’re going to have a lot on your mind after a fire strikes your home, don’t forget to promptly call our water damage restoration experts at Restoration Now! Omaha at (402) 502-7277 to ensure that the extent of this damage doesn’t get any worse.