What You Should Do if You Have Water Damage

Water damage more than any other hazard needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Continued exposure to water damage increases both the danger in dealing with it and the damage it inflicts to your property. Why? Over time, flood water endangers a home’s structural integrity and it enhances the growth of bacteria, mold and insects. It’s critically important to act fast to Restoration Now! and remove the damage. Our Restoration Now! (Restoration Now! Omaha) are adept at efficiently and quickly removing any excess water, evaporating what’s soaked into furniture and walls, dehumidifying the air in your property, and assessing any damage to the structure of your premises.

What you can do until we arrive

Since it’s so important that you act quickly, there are some things that you can and should do to lessen the damage until we arrive, speeding the transition of getting back to normal. Please see below for suggestions provided by our water restoration team. These tips can help keep you safe and minimize any water or avoid mold damage.

For your safety

  • If you’re dealing with water that’s clearly become contaminated, avoid all contact with it, and if you have already come into contact with it, be sure to wash immediately.
  • If and only if circuit breakers can be accessed safely, turn off all power to any affected sections of your home or business. If you’re not able to reach the circuit breakers, stay away from areas where you believe there may a shock hazard from exposed electrical equipment or outlets.
  • Don’t use a regular vacuum cleaner in an attempt to remove any water. This is a huge mistake many homeowners and renters perform. It can damage your vacuum and cause bacteria to float in the air.

To minimize water damage

  • Should any of your draperies, leather goods or furs become wet, hang them to dry at room temperature. If you have skirts on your furniture, lift them off and secure them away from damp floors.
  • Remove all items from wood furniture, like lamps, coasters, magazines and newspapers, then wipe the surface completely dry.
  • Raise your furniture off of the floor by placing plywood or foil under the legs.
  • Either mop wet areas or blot them with towels if possible.

While you’re waiting for our Water Restoration Team to arrive, make sure you’ve contacted your insurance representative and photographed everything. If possible, remove any precious belongings from the damaged area unless you think you’re dealing with black water (there would be a strong smell in that case).

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Remember, our specialty at Restoration Now! (Restoration Now! Omaha) is water damage, particularly black water damage. In the end, you and your family’s safety is most important. If in doubt, get out. There is no situation our Omaha Restoration Now! can’t handle, so give us a call at (402) 502-7277 or contact us today to restore and dry your home or property ASAP – we would love to help.