Flood Basement Cleanup in Omaha Equipment Like Drying Fans

In addition to our extensive experience and great team of highly trained technicians, a big part of why we’re able to provide the best services for flood basement cleanup in Omaha is our equipment. Because we only use the best industrial extraction and restoration equipment, we’re able to provide a level of service that simply wouldn’t be possible with lower quality equipment.

Since we’re very proud at Restoration Now! Omaha of our ability to service all of our customers with the highest level of quality, we want to use this post to provide a clear overview of exactly how our excellent equipment benefits you:

Our Pumps, Drying Fans and Dehumidifiers

When we first arrive for a flood basement cleanup in Omaha, we begin by assessing the type of flood. Once we know whether or not the water has any toxic contaminants, we can start extracting the water. Since the damage caused by water will continue to increase for as long as it remains, our powerful pumps are able to extract huge amounts of water in a short amount of time.

After we’ve removed all of the standing water from inside an Omaha home, our next step is to begin drying the flooded space. It’s vital that not only are all visible surfaces completely dried, but even areas like those underneath flooring are dried as well. The reason that indoor spaces need to be 100% dry is even a small amount of moisture is all that’s needed for mold to start growing.

Because mold can cause property damage and negatively impact air quality, Restoration Now! Omaha’s industrial drying fans provide our customers with complete peace of mind. Dehumidifiers are the other important piece of equipment that we use during a flood basement cleanup in Omaha.

When a flood happens indoors, it causes the home’s humidity to spike. The only way to ensure that humidity levels are brought back down to a normal range is to use dehumidifiers that are specifically designed for this task.

Dealing with Odors

Since flooding often leaves behind unpleasant odors, you’ll be happy to know that we’re able to deal with that problem as well. While it may be possible for homeowners to temporarily mask unpleasant odors, we’re able to identify the specific causes of bad smells. By finding what’s causing a smell and then eliminating it, we can ensure that you don’t have to worry about any lingering odors in your home.

(402) 502-7277 is the Number to Call for Flood Basement Cleanup in Omaha

Whether it’s a burst pipe or a bad storm, Restoration Now! Omaha is ready to help if your basement floods. With our professional team and industrial equipment, we offer the highest level of service for basement and other interior flooding. Although it’s normal to feel like entire rooms in your house are ruined, we can fully dry them and then restore these areas to their former condition. All you need to worry about doing is remembering to call us at (402) 502-7277.