Why DIY Mold Damage Restoration Doesn't Work

If you notice mold in your home, it’s completely natural to want to deal with the problem right away. People have a natural aversion to mold, and for good reason! Having a patch of mold just hanging around in your home can increase the risk of that mold spreading to other areas, causing embarrassing smells and potentially serious health issues for your family. The problem, though, is that when you take mold damage restoration into your own hands, you have to use subpar DIY products that don’t do an effective job of removing mold.

What’s worse, with all the different products there are out there, and all the mixing, scrubbing, and confusing stages of cleaning you have to go through, you aren’t ever 100% sure that you got it all. By the time you’ve identified what kind of mold damage problem you have, gone to buy products, learned how to use them, spent hours scrubbing and rinsing, and finally put everything away, the last thing you want is to see that same mold spot coming back and spreading!

Rely on Mold Damage Experts

That’s why it’s important to leave mold damage restoration to the experts. Our team at Restoration Now! Omaha can identify the hundreds of different mold types commonly found in homes and know the best ways to kill or remove mold at its source.

For instance, did you know that no matter how much you scrub at any kind of mold on a porous surface like wood or drywall, you won’t kill all the mold? It doesn’t matter what type of DIY product you’re using, because if mold has grown into the microscopic pores of a given material, there’s no sure way to tell whether the steps you’ve taken to kill the mold have actually done the job.

In a situation like this, where mold damage has infested a porous material in your home, we’d recommend not even wasting time trying to clean it. Professional removal and replacement of the material is the only surefire way to know that the mold is gone and won’t spread to other areas of your home.

Save Time and Money with Restoration Now! Omaha

The best reason we can give for letting our mold damage restoration team take care of mold problems in your home is that we are trained to do the job right the first time. Just as you wouldn’t dabble in fixing your own plumbing if you didn’t know how, you shouldn’t waste your time and money cleaning up mold yourself if you can’t be sure of the results.

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Our mold damage restoration team has years of experience dealing with every kind of mold problem you can think of. Mold in your home is a serious issue, requiring specialized skills and knowledge to be treated effectively, so next time you’re thinking of running to the store for a “mold-killing” product that you’re not sure will work, give Restoration Now! Omaha a call instead at (402) 502-7277!