Complete Mold Removal

Once you see or smell evidence of mold in your home, it’s important for the health of your entire family that it is removed completely and quickly. Mold can spread aggressively, causing damage to your furniture, valuables and home’s structure if left untreated. Mold remediation is not a quick fix. Homeowners should react quickly to evidence of mold in order to prevent further damage.

Mold removal is not a do-it-yourself project

Many people experience allergic reactions to the types of mold that grow in a home. Inhaling or touching the mold can cause an unpleasant reaction such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and a potential skin rash. People who have asthma or other breathing issues could experience particularly dangerous reactions to moldy environments. It may be a risk to you or your families’ health to attempt mold removal on your own. Due to the airborne nature of mold spores, it is extremely difficult for a non-professional to isolate and eliminate all the mold. When mold is not removed completely, it leaves the opportunity to spread while seeping into hard-to-see or hard-to-reach areas.

The Restoration Now! mold removal process: identify cause and contain area

At Restoration Now! we believe the safety of you and your family is the top priority. With our Mold Removal service, we follow a set of procedures to ensure safety and complete mold removal while offering full communication. During our first on-site visit (if it’s not an emergency) our Mold Restoration Team identifies the source of the mold growth, the extent of the damage, and all of the affected areas. We then alert you to what needs to be replaced or repaired. Once our team has identified and communicated the issue at hand, our Omaha Mold Removal Team will completely remove the mold and clean all areas, including the hidden ones.

As mentioned above, mold can grow quickly, as spores fly through the air. We help ensure the eradication of mold, eliminating the opportunity of major problem areas like mold in the HVAC or ventilation systems.

The certified Restoration Now! in Omaha

The Restoration Now! in Omaha are your best answer for complete mold removal. Restoration Now! Omaha’s mold remediation team is Water Restoration Technician Certified by the IICRC. Contact us today!