Check Leaky Appliances to Avoid a Flooded Basement

Leaky appliances can not only cause your utility bill to increase, but ignoring this type of issue for an extended period can lead to a flooded basement or other area of your home. Indoor flooding (small or large) can cause significant damage to your Omaha home, our team at Restoration Now! Omaha know that it’s worth taking the time regularly to check your appliances for any signs of leaking.

Avoid a Flooded Basement By Checking These 5 Appliances for Leaks

At Restoration Now! Omaha, we’ve dealt with just about every type of indoor flooding that you can imagine. Because part of our work involves identifying where flooding began, we’ve seen the appliances that can cause water damage firsthand. Our water damage restoration team has identified the five appliances most likely to cause flooding in a basement or other area of the home to help other Omaha residents avoid the same type of flooding in their basement.

  1. Washing Machine: A basement is a convenient place to keep the washing machine, but this machine is also prone to leakage. To avoid flooding caused by a washing machine, it’s recommended to replace the hose every five years. A washing machine supply line can spill up to 500 gallons of water per hour if it breaks. At Restoration Now! Omaha, we strongly advise being proactive with your appliances. Consider spending the $100 that it costs to purchase an automatic shut-off valve.
  2. Leaky Toilet: A new toilet can cost less than $100. The installation by a plumber costs around $150 depending. In most cases, it’s often cheaper to replace a toilet that’s leaking than attempt repairing it.
  3. Water Heater: Corrosion of a valve seat, a leaky plumbing connection or malfunctioning valve are the most common reasons for a basement water heater to leak. This device can also impact your home’s energy efficiency, so it’s worth having it periodically inspected and serviced by a qualified plumber.
  4. Refrigerator: While leaks in the kitchen are usually related to the sink or dishwasher, the refrigerator can lead to mold or worse situations. The water supply line in your fridge can often become loose leading to water leaks. Also, keep an eye on excess moisture accumulation as if left unattended it could lead to mold growth.
  5. Dishwasher: This appliance is standard if you have a finished basement with a bar or serving section. If you notice even minor leaking, there’s a good chance that the cause is a faulty float switch. While you can buy a new float switch and replace it yourself (always referring to manufacturer instructions), don’t hesitate to enlist professional help if you encounter any difficulties.

Call Restoration Now! Omaha (402) 502-7277 If A Flood Ever Occurs

While checking appliances on a regular basis will reduce your risk of a flooded basement, you can’t control every issue that has the potential to flood this space. The best way to be prepared to deal with water damage is to know that you can reach our team at Restoration Now! Omaha anytime at (402) 502-7277 for professional water damage restoration.