Want to Prevent a Flooded Basement? Here’s the Secret!

We’ve entered Omaha’s rainy season once again, and you know what that means—storm drains full to bursting, streets under water, and yep, flooded basements. You may think that the most common cause of basement flooding is an overflowing river or a backed up storm drain, but the truth is that the thing that causes the most basement flooding in Omaha is something you can control! Today, our water damage restoration specialists at Restoration Now! Omaha will tell you what you can do to help prevent this common cause of basement flooding and protect your home and belongings.

Out With It! What Causes a Flooded Basement?

Simply put, your gutters. If they’re dirty, clogged, or in any way damaged, the rainwater that’s supposed to be channeled off your roof and away from your home ends up overflowing the gutters and falling in torrents right where you don’t want it—next to your foundation. From there water collects and seeps down into the ground and through your basement walls, and you don’t need us to tell you why that’s a bad thing!

How Can You Prevent Rainwater from Flooding Your Basement?

We’ve already established that basement flooding occurs most often when your home’s gutter system isn’t working the way it should, so how can you get your gutters and downspouts back in shape? It’s a simple matter of upkeep. Here are some easy ways to get your gutter system back into good working order so you can avoid a costly water damage situation.

Remove Debris When It’s Dry

Don’t go up the ladder right after the storm to clear your gutters of all the debris that’s built up over the years! Wait until things are dry up there—that way the cleanup process is a lot less messy, and you don’t have the possibility of sloshing dirty water around and down to the ground, making the problem worse in the short term.

Fight Water with Water

Once you have all of your gutters cleared of major debris, the next step to preventing a flooded basement is to use a regular garden hose to flush out the gutter system and leave everything sparkling. It’s important during this step to make sure that the water you’re sending through the downspouts is actually coming out at the bottom. If it isn’t, you have to move on to the next step.

Use a Plumbing Snake

If your downspouts aren’t directing water away from your home’s foundation correctly, the problem may be that they’re blocked, too! Don’t worry, though, as an easy solution comes in the form of a plumbing snake—you know, that handy tool that plumbers use to clear your home’s drains. Using the same principle, feed the snake down your downspouts to loosen and pull out any clogs that are lurking in there, then flush the whole thing until water comes out normally at the bottom.

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Here at Restoration Now! Omaha, the area’s best water damage restoration company, our team knows that the most effective ways to prevent costly flooded basements and other water damage situations are often the simplest. Clearing your gutters regularly and thoroughly can go a long way to preventing basement floods and the headaches that come along with them. While we’re all about preventative measures here at Restoration Now! Omaha, we also want you to know that in case of any water damage emergency we are here to help. We offer 24/7 emergency services, so give us a call at (402) 502-7277 at the first sign of trouble and we can restore your home to its pre-flood condition fast!

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