Storm Season is Here—Get Ready for Water Damage

Storm season has finally reared its ugly head here in Omaha, and you know what that means—tornadoes, devastating straight line winds, and all kinds of tree branches and debris scattered everywhere in the wake of yet another powerful storm. Our water damage restoration experts here at Restoration Now! Omaha know that your home could be damaged in the blink of an eye, and we want you to be aware of the danger so you can take steps to prevent water damage to your home.

Your home is your castle, but it’s easy to forget just how vulnerable that castle is to water damage that comes from storms. From loosened shingles to falling trees, you need to take every possible contingency into account when preparing your home for this season’s storms. Follow along as our water damage restoration team here at Restoration Now! Omaha tells you what to look for to make sure your family, home, and possessions stay safe!

Look Around Outside Your Home

Before the storm, take a look around outside at the state of your home and yard. Is your roof in good condition? Are there large, old trees next to your house? Did the kids leave their toys in the yard? When a tornado or other storm rolls through, the high-velocity winds that come with them can turn anything, and we mean anything, into a dangerous projectile. Getting your yard spiffed up, making sure your roof is well-maintained, and removing any debris or large trees that are near your house can lower your home’s chances of sustaining water damage from the storm.

There’s not much you can do about your neighbor’s yards, but by taking care of your own space you can reduce your risk. You can also share this information with them and suggest that they do the same!

Inspect the Inside of Your Home for Water Damage-Prone Areas

The next step in continuing your storm preparation is to inspect the inside of your home, making sure there are no weak areas that could let rain in and cause water damage. This inspection should start in your attic. If you see any stains or evidence of rot, this is a good indication that your roof is leaking, which may be due to loose shingles that could fly off in a storm. In that case, a leak could turn into a torrent in your attic. To make sure this doesn’t happen, our water damage restoration team at Restoration Now! Omaha suggests you have a qualified roofer make necessary repairs before the storm hits.

Moving down from the attic, inspect your walls to see how they’re anchored to your foundation. If you see any deficiencies, these are very important to fix right away. Remember, high winds from spring and summer storms can weaken walls, and if they’re weak to begin with, the wind could blow them over!

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From trees crashing down and damaging your foundation to wind sending the neighbor’s fence through your living room window, our spring and summer storms in Omaha are capable of creating a lot of places for water to enter your home. With a bit of preparation, though, you can reduce the chance that your home and possessions will sustain costly water damage.

The unexpected can happen, of course, and that’s why we’re here! When the storm hits and you find in the aftermath that you have a water damage issue, give our restoration experts at Restoration Now! Omaha a call at (402) 502-7277. We offer 24/7 emergency water extraction services to get your home back to normal in a hurry!

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