Smoke Detectors for Early Fire Detection

Our Omaha fire damage mitigation team is called into the aftermath of many dangerous and destructive situations. And while fires are unpredictable and unplanned for, our fire damage restoration company often responds to homes or businesses where smoke detectors were not working, not allowing the homeowner to respond to the fire promptly.

There are many reasons why smoke detectors may not be working. Homeowners often render them inactive to avoid obnoxious sounds while making (burning) dinner. Homeowners can also paint over smoke detectors. The serious need for smoke detectors in a home cannot be understated.

We have seen the extreme damage caused from not having active smoke detectors. It’s easy to forget to turn a burner off with a pot on the stove, and a functioning smoke detector can alert you to this problem before it gets out of hand. Smoke detectors prevent small mistakes from turning into major catastrophes.

A smoke detector that alerts of you a problem gives you time to react. Reducing the amount of damage a home sustains in a fire saves your family, your possessions and your house. So, test your smoke detectors. They are not a nuisance. Our fire damage restoration team has seen the difference early action can make in a fire. And if a fire does stroke your home or business, call Restoration Now! for Omaha’s finest fire damage mitigation team.

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