Safety Precautions Post-Fire

Fire Damage is often unseen damage. Our Omaha fire damage restoration team has assisted all kinds of commercial and residential locations, restoring homes and businesses to a safe and functional state. And while physical damage – smoke and heat – is seen with the eye, invisible carbon monoxide is a real danger.

After a fire, it may be your first instinct to bring your family back into the home or stay in the home, if the visible damage seems livable for the time-being. But it’s important to evacuate immediately. Even after a fire is extinguished, carbon monoxide levels will still be dangerous. In addition, it’s difficult for most people to assess structural damage and a home could be in danger of a collapse.

If you do decide that it’s safe to enter, remember to wear a respirator to prevent lung damage from dust particles. Also begin thinking about where you and your family could stay if our fire damage restoration team determines your property is unsafe to inhabit throughout repairs.

Fire damage is unexpected and devastating. Our Omaha fire damage restoration team is available 24/7 for emergencies, and commits to quick service for the safety and comfort of your family in challenging times. Please call us quickly at 405.502.7277 after a fire so we can assist with restoration and keep you safe.

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