Restoration Services in Omaha for Warped Wood Floors

If the aftermath of a flood isn’t properly handled, one complication down the line may be warped wood floors. Since many homeowners with floors in this condition think that they’re ruined, homeowners are pleasantly surprised to learn that our restoration services in Omaha may be able to help.

When someone calls Restoration Now! Omaha after flooding in their home, we provide several different services to them. The first service is to assess the flooding and pinpoint any potential dangers. Next, we take care of extracting all the standing water from inside the home. Once the excess water is out, we can begin drying the flooring and any other structural elements that were impacted by the flooding.

In addition to dealing with the aftermath of a flood, we’re able to provide a variety of restoration services in Omaha. From flooring to furniture, we’re not only able to salvage a surprising amount of items for homeowners, but we’re able to restore them to their original condition. That means homeowners can continue enjoying their home and belongings without any signs that a flood ever took place.

Restoration Services in Omaha for Wood Flooring

When it comes to flooring and floods, the most important thing for Omaha homeowners to remember is that hardwood flooring actually absorbs moisture slowly. So even though flooring may not look like it’s been impacted immediately following a flood, there may be water underneath that is going to get pulled into the wood and then cause damage. The only way to ensure that won’t happen is to have your floors professionally dried by Restoration Now! Omaha.

For floors that suffered water damage which we weren’t called to address, there are several steps we can often take to fix the damage and properly restore the floors. We begin by assessing the current state of the flooring. Floors made from solid wood that are cupped but haven’t fully buckled are the best candidates for restoration.

Once we’ve assessed flooring and determined that it’s a good fit for restoration, we will take care of fully removing all the moisture that’s causing the problem. Not only is this necessary for fixing the floor, but it will also prevent additional issues like mold growth from occurring. Our standard approach is to use a combination of an industrial drying system and wood floor restoration vacuum panels.

Since sanding and other restoration activities can cause significant damage to floors that still have moisture, we will confirm that flooring is 100% dry before moving to the final stage of restoration. Once we’re done, warping and other problems like loose nails will all be things of the past.

Don’t Wait to Call Restoration Now! Omaha After a Flood: (402) 502-7277

If you have hardwood floors in your home that were warped by unresolved flooding issues, we may be able to help you resolve them. While we’re able to offer restoration services in Omaha even after flooding has occurred, the best way to avoid having to deal with these kinds of problems in the first place is to make (402) 502-7277 the first number you call after a flood in your home.