The Realities of Trauma Cleanup Services

Although trauma scenes are commonly shown in popular television shows and movies, they rarely do a good job of accurately showing the realities of trauma cleanup services. Since what’s usually shown creates more questions than answers, we thought it would be helpful to dedicate an entire post to providing accurate insights into the realities of trauma cleanup services.

Who’s Responsible for Cleaning Up After a Trauma?

In the event of a traumatic incident or violent crime, many people assume that members of the police force will take care of cleaning up the scene. While it is true that police will work the scene, their focus is on collecting evidence and determining exactly what happened.

Once Omaha police officers are done working a scene, it’s up to family members or property owners to properly clean up the scene. Since this type of scenario presents numerous biohazard risks, it’s important for all cleaning to be done by experienced professionals like Restoration Now! Omaha.

After people find out that they are actually responsible for having a scene cleaned up in Omaha, a common concern is that they won’t be able to afford this service. However, the reason that’s rarely an issue is because insurance covers the cost of this type of professional cleaning in over 95% of cases.

How Serious Are the Risks at an Omaha Trauma Scene?

Simply put, the risks presented by the biohazard contaminates found at trauma scenes are very serious. Not only do they present an immediate risk, but they also pose the threat of being spread to other areas of a home. Just as a flooded basement affected by water damage can present virus and mold risks, trauma scenes can include diseases which have the ability to live for up to a year outside the human body.

Another major issue with this type of scene is standard cleaning agents like bleach aren’t strong enough to provide 100% sterilization. The only way to ensure a trauma scene is truly clean is for it to be specially cleaned by professionals.

Are Trauma Cleanup Services Only for Crime Scenes?

While scenes where a violent crime took place present their own set of issues, any site of an unexpected death can have complications. For example, if someone passess away peacefully but their body isn’t found for a few days, professional cleanup is still the best option.

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If someone close to you suddenly passes away, the shock of losing them can take a long time to process. Regardless of whether a death is violent or peaceful, it’s never something that’s easy to process.

Because there are many other things you should be focused on during this time, you can depend on Restoration Now! Omaha for professional and compassionate cleanup services. Once you contact us, you won’t need to have any doubts about whether all necessary steps have been taken.

To give yourself at least this small peace of mind, don’t hesitate to call Restoration Now! Omaha at (402) 502-7277 for prompt, professional and respectful service after a death.