Protect Against Water Damage with Professional Water Damage Mitigation Team

Flooding is a major headache that requires a major cleanup. In the spring we see flooding from bad rain storms, and in the winter, we receive water damage mitigation calls due to burst pipes or melting snow. And as an experienced flood mitigation specialist, we have dealt with almost every flood cleanup imaginable.

Cleaning up after a flood should be left to a professional Omaha water damage mitigation crew. While sucking out water with a Shop Vac and strategically placing fans around the basement may seem effective, there are many dangers associated with basement flooding in your Omaha home. Primarily, electrical dangers.

Because this space will be filled with water, it’s important for experienced professionals to ensure that every single electrical source is fully turned off prior to anyone entering. And beyond electrical dangers, the water itself could be contaminated with viruses or other infectious organisms, depending on the source. Not only does this present a risk for anyone who enters the basement, but entering improperly can result in the contaminated water being spread throughout the home.

And of course, mold is always a risk when an Omaha basement floods. Omaha is humid, so it takes longer for things to dry. The longer moisture sits – even after pooling water been sucked up – the greater risk there is of mold. If mold does begin to grow, it can cause damage to your home, as well as lower the air quality inside your home.

Working with an Omaha water damage mitigation specialist will keep your family safe and lessen the burden of a flooded basement. Protect what’s most important to you and contact Restoration Now! at 402.502.7277 for a quick emergency response.

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