Preventing Spring Water Damage

Spring brings water and warmth. And while April showers bring May flowers… they also bring to light drainage and foundation issues which cause flooding. And our Omaha water damage restoration experts are no stranger to spring flooding.

When warmer weather thaws snow and ice, creating soggy ground outdoors – water tends to pool. This water also tends to find its way indoors, through cracks and leaks in the foundation. This flooding and water damage can warp floorboards, rust appliances and create an environment for mold to fester. To help prevent water damage in your Omaha home, and prevent the need for mold removal services, we recommend regrading your yard or building an exterior perimeter drain to detain leaking.

Also, spring showers can wreak havoc and cause water damage in your Omaha home. Our water damage restoration team recommends evaluating your gutter and downspout system to help prevent the need for water damage. Water should be carried at least 3 feet away from a home’s foundation.

This spring, be mindful of flooding hazards in or near your home and take preventative measures against water damage. Restoration Now! Omaha has a lot of experience dealing with water damage in both homes and businesses. Because we know exactly what to do, we can turn an overwhelming situation into a manageable one. Although we hope that your home or business stays safe from all forms of flooding, if something ever does go wrong, remember the number to call for immediate help is (402) 502-7277.

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