Preventing Mold Colonization and Spreading

Mold growth in homes is dangerous and preventable. When small colonies of mold target a home it causes health issues and destroys possessions. Our Omaha mold removal specialists have seen preventable mold growth in homes across the Omaha-metro and can offer some simple ways to prevent mold growth on a property.

Clean up water immediately. This may seem obvious, but cleaning up spills immediately can prevent mold from colonizing – which will typically start within 24 hours. If large water damage occurs from pipe failure or flooding, call a professional water damage restoration team like Restoration Now! who will immediately extract the water and work on drying the area.

Control humidity levels. Omaha is humid, so seeking professional help to control humidity may be beneficial. If a home has experienced past water damage that wasn’t mitigated properly, it’s common for mold to take root and spread.

Keep air conditioning drains clear of clogs or obstructions. When air conditioning lines are clogged up, it can cause condensation to back up and flow into basements, attics or HVAC closets where the A/C unit resides. This can lead to the type of water damage that contributes to mold growth.

Clean roof and gutters. Omaha winters can be intense and snow can accumulate on the roof and in gutters. When this happens, melting snow can leak into the attic and ceiling structures sometimes causing undetected moisture and mold issues.

Mold can be hazardous to your health, but can be remediated. If our mold removal team addresses the mold at the early stages of colonization it will avoid lengthy clean-up processes. From small patches to entire properties, our Omaha mold removal team is experienced, safe and efficient, bringing knowledge, tools and skills to every mold removal job. Give us a call today at 402.502.7277 for a free consultation!

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