Omaha Commercial Mold Removal Specialists

When mold appears in a commercial location it can range from an inconvenience to dangerous. If a water source or water damage is present, mold can spread quickly. In a humid environment, as in Omaha, mold can spread through a property in is as little as 48 hours.

Since mold produces allergens and irritants, it can be a serious health hazard for employees and customers. If mold is suspected in a commercial location it’s best to call Omaha mold removal specialists, like those at Restoration Now!

While many business owners think they can complete mold removal themselves, it’s simply safer (and easier) to hire a professionally trained Omaha mold removal team. At Restoration Now! we use specialized products, designed to travel deep into porous surfaces to remove mold at its roots. If we cannot remove the mold from the material we can completely remove the materials for the safety of employees and customers. Our Omaha mold removal technicians are trained to differentiate between what can be safely cleaned and what cannot. In addition, live mold releases spores into the air and our mold removal technicians have specialty equipment to make sure that all spores are removed.

At Restoration Now! we take pride in our dedication to excellence, understanding time is money. The longer a business is out of commission due to safety concerns, the more it will cost the business. Calling at the first sign of mold damage can save your business time and money in the long-run. So give our Omaha mold removal specialists a call today at 402.502.7277 for an evaluation.

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