Mold Removal After Water Damage Remediation

Flooding cleanup can be stressful.  In fact, if not done correctly, flooding can pose long-term damage to a home or business. But the good news is, Restoration Now! in Omaha can take care of flood cleanup and water damage.

Water damage isn’t always visible. Mold is a very common side effect of indoor flooding. Mold thrives in moist environments, and any space that isn’t properly dried after a flood – particularly a basement – is the perfect site for it to start growing.

While trace amounts aren’t a problem, mold that’s actively growing inside a home can negatively impact the air quality. As part of water damage remediation, we will test to ensure there are no signs of active mold. And if you’re concerned about mold in your home for any other reason, we can conduct air and/or surface tests to get answers. Common reasons that Omaha homeowners opt to have their homes tested include noticing a musty smell or discovering signs of growth on a wall.

Whether it’s because a flooded basement cleanup wasn’t handled properly or a hidden leak created a moist environment, our Omaha water damage and mold removal specialists have the experience and resources needed to safely remove any mold that’s detected. Give us a call at 402.502.7277 to schedule an appointment.

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