What to Do About a Flooded Basement in Omaha

From a heavy storm to a burst pipe, there are a variety of problems that can lead to a flood basement in Omaha. If you’re ever in a situation where you discover that your basement has flooded, it’s completely normal to experience a feeling of panic. However, that doesn’t mean water damage has to ruin your home for good. By knowing what to do after you discover flooding, you’ll be able to minimize the damage and maximize the effectiveness of the restoration process.

How to React to This Type of Flood

If you discover that there is standing water in your Omaha basement, it’s important to understand that this water may be contaminated. Since contaminated water can present serious health risks, it’s best to let a trained water damage professional assess the situation before you attempt to move around in the flooded space. If you have secure access to the basement’s power supply, one thing you can do is completely turn it off. This will help prevent any additional problems from arising.

The other action that will do a lot to protect your basement is to call Restoration Now! Omaha as soon as possible. Since this type of damage is something that continues to get progressively worse, not waiting to call can mean the difference between restoration success and an increased amount of permanent damage. While it’s crucial to call within 48 hours, we highly recommend getting in touch with us sooner if at all possible.

Restoration Now! Omaha Provides Peace of Mind After a Flood Basement in Omaha

Thanks to the extensive training and experience of every member of our professional team, we can handle the flood basement in Omaha restoration process from beginning to end. When our team responds to your call, we will start by fully assessing this situation. This will include determining the severity of the water damage.

Once we know exactly how bad the damage is in the basement, we can begin extracting the water. From there, we’ll move on to drying the entire space, as well as dealing with the elevated humidity in your home. We can then take care of specific restoration tasks, as well as properly take care of the space to prevent future problems like mold growth.

A common recommendation is to take video and pictures of the damage in your basement. This documentation is recommended so you can submit it to your insurance provider. While you’re welcome to document as much as you want, Restoration Now! Omaha will also carefully document all of the damage and the work we do to restore it. This is another example of how we go the extra mile to ensure your stress is kept to a minimum.

Get Immediate Help By Calling (402) 502-7277

Because we know from experience that basement floods and other forms of water damage can strike a home at any time of the day, we provide around the clock service. If your home is ever impacted by this type of event, you can get immediate help by calling us at (402) 502-7277.