The Do's and Dont's of Fire Damage Restoration

The safety of yourself and your family should be your top priority after a fire damage situation. While fire and the subsequent damage it causes can come as a complete shock, the good news is you can get professional help with all your fire damage restoration needs. Since the fire and water damage professionals at Restoration Now! Omaha will take care of restoring your home, it’s helpful to know what you should do in this situation, as well as what you should avoid doing.

The First 5 Things to Do After a Fire

The first thing you need to determine after a fire occurs in your home is whether or not it’s safe for your family to return inside. Since factors like smoke damage play a major role in this decision, it’s best to consult with a firefighter about their opinion. If you do get the greenlight to return inside, new hazards are the second thing you’ll want to be aware of as you move around your home. The most common hazards in this type of situation are slip & fall or electrical issues.

The third thing to keep in mind is even though it may feel very strange being inside a damaged home, you shouldn’t attempt restoration activities on your own. Not only can these tasks be complicated to handle, but they can also present safety and health risks. In the event that you do need to move anything inside your home, the fourth tip is to be aware that water may have significantly increased that item’s weight. Finally, be sure to contact fire damage restoration professionals in a timely manner. The sooner you call Restoration Now! Omaha, the sooner we can start helping.

5 Things NOT to Do After a Fire

Because a fire can bring a lot of chaos into your life, it’s normal to want to restore order by diving right into fire damage restoration. While this is a natural feeling, this type of work is best left to fire and water damage professionals. That’s why you shouldn’t wash painted surfaces or walls on your own. It’s also important to leave electrical appliances alone instead of trying to clean them.

The third task you should avoid is using any beverages or foods that were stored near where the fire broke out. It’s also important to check ceiling fixtures prior to turning them on. If you discover that they’re wet, it’s best to leave them turned off. And the fifth thing to avoid is sending any clothes that were exposed to smoke to a standard cleaner. Actually getting this odor out requires a specialized process.

Prompt and Professional Fire Damage Restoration from Restoration Now! Omaha

While plenty of homeowners experience stress when they start thinking about fire damage restoration, this isn’t a process you have to approach on your own. By calling Restoration Now! Omaha, you can be confident that your home will be in the hands of highly trained professionals. (402) 502-7277 is always the number to call for a fast and trusted response.