A Water Outline Spells Water Damage Trouble

You probably know that the most common areas for water damage in your home are the kitchen and bathroom, because that’s where you use the most water. However, in these rooms it’s often very easy to overlook quick spills from entering or exiting a shower, or simply washing some dishes at the sink. Sometimes you’ll even notice a faint water outline on the wall near the floor when you’re sure that you haven’t spilled anything at all.

If this sounds familiar to you, you may have a water seepage problem that’s gone under the radar for a long time, resulting in some serious water damage that should be restored right away by our team at Restoration Now! Omaha!

Identify the Source of the Water Damage

First thing’s first—you have to figure out where the water is coming from. If you know that the tub, shower, or kitchen sink is to blame, check those areas for signs of old or damaged caulking. Even a small hole in the caulk is enough to send water cascading down where it’s not supposed to go, damaging your bathroom or kitchen walls, floors, and even the underlayment that you can’t see. Over time, this small issue can lead to extensive damage and costly repairs.

If you don’t see a problem with the caulking, the next area to check is the showerhead or water faucet for leakage. When you’re in the shower, for instance, it’s easy to overlook a leaky connection between the pipe and showerhead that’s arcing water over the door or curtain and onto the wall.

Finally, your problem may be excessive condensation. If you tend to take long showers with the bathroom door closed, you’ve probably noticed that afterward you have to run your hand over the mirror to see yourself. Well, that condensation doesn’t just happen on the mirror, but on every surface of the bathroom. This can lead to water damaged paint, wallpaper, and even flooring when the condensation beads up and runs down the walls.

Restoration Now! Omaha Assesses the Damage

Once you’ve figured out where the water is coming from, you need a professional water damage restoration team to come in and assess the damage. Depending on how long the leak’s been doing its work, there may be extensive water damage even in places you can’t see. Here at Restoration Now! Omaha, we have industry-leading equipment that can detect water underneath flooring and inside walls. Our technicians are trained to spot signs of water damage that stemmed from a slow leak in the bathroom or kitchen, even when those signs aren’t obvious.

For example, we recently inspected a water damage situation in the basement of a two-story home. Water was coming in through the finished ceiling, and the homeowner had no idea where the water could be coming from. We traced the water damage back to an upstairs bathroom sink with leaky caulking. After replacing the caulk, some drywall, and a little paint, the problem was solved!

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Here at Restoration Now! Omaha, we’re experts at identifying sources of water damage and assessing the extent of the damage in your home. This is especially important, because sometimes water damage is much more extensive than it appears to be. If you don’t fix the problem entirely, you could open your home to mold issues. Give our team a call today at (402) 502-7277 and let us solve your water damage problems!