Water Damage Omaha

With water damage more than any other hazard, it’s very important that you act quickly. The longer that flooding remains stagnant, the more dangerous it becomes and the more damage it does to your property.

Excess water will not only damage your property and endanger its structural integrity, it will also promote the growth of mold, bacteria and insects. That’s why it’s so important that you Restoration Now! and act fast.


Understanding Water Damage

There are three basic categories of water damage.

First, Clear Water is what starts out in your pipes. It’s drinkable, it’s safe, it’s uncontaminated. But, within 48 – 72 hours of contact with another surface (dry wall, carpet, wood, soil, etc.), Clear Water becomes tainted with bacteria and other dangers.

Once contaminated, Clear Water becomes Gray Water. Carpet and other porous materials that have been contaminated with Gray Water are savable, but you must act fast and they must be cleaned thoroughly by service professionals. Once again, within 48 – 72 hours, Gray Water will become…

Black Water is grossly contaminated, foul smelling water that almost always originates from sewage, or from long-stagnant Gray Water. Black Water is extremely dangerous and requires all affected materials be properly disposed. Fortunately, Restoration Now! specializes in the restoration of Black Water damage.


How Restoration Now! Omaha Will Help

When water damage occurs, it’s very important you begin the restoration process as soon as possible. Our Restoration Now! Team will be able to quickly and efficiently remove any excess water, evaporate what’s soaked into walls and furniture, dehumidify the air in your property, and assess any structural damage. Plus, we carefully document everything we do to ensure that you have peace of mind through what is otherwise a very stressful ordeal.

While you’re waiting for our Restoration Now! Team to arrive, make sure you’ve photographed everything and contacted your insurance representative. Do your best to remove any precious belongings from the flooded area unless you believe you’re dealing with Black Water (there would be a stench). In the end, you and your family’s safety is most important. If in doubt, get out.

Remember, our specialty is water damage… Particularly Black Water damage. There is no situation our Omaha Restoration Now! Team can’t handle, so give us a call or contact us today to restore and dry your home or property ASAP – we would love to help.